Grounds for Change Program

Join the Grounds for Change program and help students reconnect with nature! Grounds for Change started at the Calgary Zoo in partnership with Nutrien in 1998. Since inception, the program has been involved in transforming Calgary, Alberta schoolyards into native plant and/or food gardens.

What you’ll find in this section? Advice, resources and activities to help your school develop, use and maintain a native schoolyard. By reclaiming small sections of schoolyards, you are helping to provide habitat for local wildlife and insects while creating a more imaginative place for children to lean and play.

Download the Grounds for Change manual below to learn more about the steps to success in creating an outdoor space at your own school!

This 8 minute video is the perfect tool for introducing the concept of schoolyard naturalization to new audiences. An examination of the benefits and the process is provided using footage of Calgary-area schools, students and stakeholders.