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Grade 3 to 6 schools are invited to the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon for a FREE one-day field trip that explores AGRICULTURE!

Students are guided through a curriculum-based program that includes a hands-on lesson on growing healthy plants, interactive computer games, sunflower seed planting station, scavenger hunt and much more!

The program’s next dates are currently TBC. Saskatchewan Schools can register online.



Agriculture Education Portal

For over a decade Nutrien has been collaborating with community partners around the world to offer curriculum-based programs and resources that are engaging, factual and fun for all ages.

Please go to www.GrowingTheNextGeneration.com to learn about agriculture and environmental programs offered. Sort by grade, location and topic.

Featured Programs on GrowingTheNextGeneration:

  • Caring for our Watersheds – an environmental contest with over $240,000 in prizes and funding to turn student’s ideas into real-life solutions
  • Little Green Thumbs – an indoor classroom garden program that engages and inspires students to grow and eat healthy food
  • Grounds for Change: Schoolyard Naturalization – helping make schoolyards into outdoor educational classrooms.
  • Journey 2050 – How do we feed nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050? Experience how your present-day decisions can directly impact society, the environment and the economy using unique digital tools.
  • Farmers 2050 – Free Farm Game! Feed the World from the Palm of Your Hand. Grow crops, raise livestock, craft and sell goods and engage with local and global partners as you level up.
  • Progressive Agriculture Safety Days – education and training days to make farm life safer and healthier for children and their communities.
  • Nutrients for Life – Curriculum based teacher and student resources focused on plant nutrient stewardship
  • Nutrients for Life Canada – Science-based resources to educators on the importance of soil health, crop nutrients and sustainability for the agriculture industry and society at large.