Farming and ranching are necessary roles in our society, and supporting them with new technology, products and processes through the larger industry is also important.

Farmers and ranchers represent 2% of the population in North America.

Jobs related to agriculture in: 
America = 1 in 11
Canada = 1 in 8

Careers in agriculture spread from farm to fork and beyond.


Sales Representative, Agribusiness U.S.

I grew up on a farm and know a lot about the hard working people that grow our food. I wanted to stay close to the industry so after University I found the perfect job for me – sales. My job helps farmers increase their crop yields by providing advice on soil health, pests, weeds and more! I enjoy driving through the countryside visiting customers and have built many strong friendships along the way.

Education: I have a degree in Soil Science and have worked 4 years supporting farm-related businesses.

Lab Technician

Lab Technician, Product Innovation

I always excelled in chemistry. I now work for a company that creates and tests products that help plants produce at their optimum level. Not just crop plants, but flowers, grass and turf – basically anything that grows. I have been able to study new seed varieties that will grow in the soil better and have less impact on the surrounding environment. My work makes a difference now as well as in the future.

Education: I have a college-level chemistry diploma and am an avid gardener.

HR Specialist

Human Resource Specialist, Agriculture Company

After graduating from my Human Resource program, I set out to find an employer that had strong values and programs for employees. I need to be proud of the company I was represent to potential employees and support a greater good through my work. I found the right fit for me in a company that manufactures plant nutrients. Even though it was a larger company, agriculture is a well-connected industry and everyone is so friendly. My employer supports growth through their products and services and I support their growth by finding employees who want to help feed the world!

Education: I have college diploma and some University education specializing in Human Resources.

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