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Seed Survivor is a free curriculum-based program that teaches elementary children about plants and the importance of agriculture. Multiple displays travel across North America year-round. Each year we plant sunflower seeds with approx. 100,000 students!

We now have 6 Seed Survivor displays: One large exhibit, two mobile classrooms and three community displays. At our displays, students explore multi-media and virtual reality games, a sunflower seed planting station, talking walls and much more. The content is perfect for grade 3 to 4 but all ages can have fun at Seed Survivor.

Seed Survivor was designed to teach youth that plants need water, light, healthy soil, and nutrients to survive.

For more information or to request Seed Survivor contact Community Relations and Investment at Community.Investment@Nutrien.com or 1-403-225-7000

Exhibit – 35’ x 35’

This is the largest trade show exhibit at  35 x 35 feet. It is interactive, modern and above all – fun!

The exhibit travels North America year round visiting exhibitions typically over 500,000 in attendance.

It features multi-media and virtual reality games, an insect video scope, a sunflower seed planting station, a watershed center, talking walls and much more.

If you are interested in booking this display please review the BASIC REQUIREMENTS to Book Seed Survivor

Exhibition and Fair Application – apply online using the register now page – please ensure you have all basic requirements. Submit form by January 1st of each year. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

For more information or to request Seed Survivor contact Community.Investment@Nutrien.com or 1-403-225-7000

“Seed Survivor has played a key role in elevating the agriculture experience at the Calgary Stampede since 2005. There have been new additions and continual development to ensure the presentation is visually intriguing and fully interactive. Guests take the time to learn scientific and curriculum based information about the ingredients to grow food because it is made so appealing. This exhibit is always busy and will continue to provide great ‘edutainment’ at Stampede Park.”

Kelly Chambers, Agriculture Program Coordinator, Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta

“We thought it was a spectacular display! It was very informative and worked right into our area of kids and agriculture. Your graphics were very eye-catching and the layout flowed smoothly. We would love to have you back!”

Pam McFarland, Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL

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