Learn More About Agriculture


These short, infographic style documents address hot topics the agriculture industry is facing today. Brought to you by Agriculture in the Classroom Canada topics include  organics, biotechnology, GMOs, livestock, and more.



These short videos should get you thinking about nutrients in our world. They take a closer look at things like bread or water quality and explore their relationship with fertilizer. Speakers include some of the leading experts in their respective fields.



Whether you are studying soil or plant science in higher grades, or just want to learn more, our document library offers easy-to-read information to help you get the facts.



Agriculture is a dynamic industry. Learn more about careers you’ll find in our industry as well as opportunities with respected companies like Nutrien who mine, manufacture and market their products around the world.


Learn More About Nutrients

With a growing world population and the rise of biofuels we need nutrients more than ever. Take a more advanced look at ways to maintain fertile soil and the role crop nutrients play in feeding the world.

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Land Use

Science is used in the classroom and in the farmer’s field. Learn more about the amount of land on earth to grow our growing population.