Nutrien consulted the experts on a variety of subjects related to nutrients and plant growth. Take a closer look at common items like bread or water quality to learn more about them. Most of these videos tackle complex issues and are intended for advanced students and adults.

Take a Closer Look At…

Nutrients and Fertilizer

Vaclav Smil is a distinguished professor at the University of Manitoba and the author of many books. He is considered an expert on the science behind growing enough food to feed our increasing population and keep our economy strong. Professor Smil talks about our dependency on plants for nutrients, where nutrients come from, their history and role today.

Greenhouse Gases

We’ve all heard a lot about reducing greenhouse gases recently. Henry Janzen, a respected scientist from the University of Lethbridge, talks about capturing and storing carbon in the soil or carbon sequestration. This video is a great start for science fairs or just learning the terms related to the carbon cycle.

Soil Quality

Dr. Henk Breman, from International Centre for Soil Fertility and Agriculture defines desertification. He talks about why soil needs to be replenished to grow food and relates this to agriculture in South Africa where he works. This is a great video for students studying developing nations or desertification.

Organic Nutrients versus Conventional Nutrients

Dr. Paul Fixen, from the Phosphate and Potash Institute (PPI) talks about the difference between apples grown with organic nutrients versus those grown with conventional fertilizer. He sets the record straight about what a plant recognizes and needs.

Nutrients in Bread

Adrian Johnston, from the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) talks about the link between nutrients and healthy food like bread, buns and noodles. He talks about protein that we need and how this connects back to the field.

Water Quality

Dr. Cliff Synder, from the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) defines hypoxia in rivers and bodies of water. He discusses how these conditions occur, and reviews the science to help us to better understand the issue.

Your Diet

Kelly Hawthorne is a nutritionist specializing in children’s diets. She talks about the importance of nutrients from fruit and vegetables and the function of these nutrients have in our bodies. She raises concerns over childhood obesity and connects healthy diets to a healthy body and mind.

Continous Industry Improvement

Ken Cassman, a professor at the University of Nebraska, puts how much land we use to grow food into context. He explains why we need to take care of our fertile soil to produce more food and meet a growing population. Prof. Cassman explores the issues related to growing while being conscious of the effect on the environment.

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