Fossil Find

FOSSIL FIND KIDSWhat is Fossil Find?

Seed Survivor has incorporated a portable version of Nutrien’s Fossil Find display to bring it to schools across Canada and the United States! Students are encouraged to sift through and examine phosphil – a byproduct created from phosphate mining operations – looking for fossils.

Are these fossils real?

Yes, and they’re six million – 19 million years old!


The shells, coral, fish bones, and shark teeth found during a Fossil Find at Seed Survivor are, indeed, real fossils. They come from our Aurora, North Carolina Facility where Nutrien mines phosphate – one of three main components of fertilizer.

When the ocean that once covered much of North America receded, it left behind the remains of sea life. Most of this material reacted with bacteria to form phosphate particles, but some of it was too hard to break down. These are the fossils just waiting to be found!


Where can I find more fossil resources?

Nutrien partners with the Aurora Fossil Museum to educate visitors about geology, paleontology and prehistory in an engaging and enjoyable manner. The Museum also displays many incredible fossils discovered in Nutrien’s Aurora phosphate mine.

Not in Aurora? No problem. Science educators are invited to contact the museum for a virtual tour and teachers can request a Fossil Kit to support classroom curriculum on fossils.

The Aurora Fossil Museum also provides fun, fossil-based materials for students. You can download the resources here.