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Sunflower Microgreens

Seed Survivor Presentation Video

Thank you for participating in the Seed Survivor Virtual Learning Experience!

Throughout this lesson you will explore what it takes for seeds to survive, thrive and provide us with healthy nutritious food. Students will be planting and growing SUNFLOWER MICROGREENS.

Download the lesson plan and activities below. For Teachers, we recommend reviewing Lesson Plan first to determine which delivery option will work best for your students.

Most importantly – HAVE FUN!

Food Safety:  

When growing microgreens in-class or at home, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. 

  • Please use the microgreens provided to you to ensure food safety.  
  • Start with a clean Seed Survivor cup or container. If using a growing tray disinfect and sterilize all growing trays between use. We recommend using a 9:1 solution of water and either bleach, white vinegar or a school-approved alternative to clean, and then rinse with plain water to remove disinfectant residue. 
  • Ensure that soilless potting mix is used, and clean tap water. Always store potting mix indoors to limit potential contamination.  

Harvesting in-class or at home 

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after handling, harvesting and eating the microgreens.  
  • If harvesting using scissors, we recommend cutting the microgreens 2cm above the soil line, using clean, sharp scissors. Scissors should be disinfected before and after using a 9:1 solution of water and disinfectant (bleach, white vinegar or a school approved alternative) and rinsing with plain water.  
  • Prior to consumption, the microgreens should be placed in a mesh colander and rinsed with clean, cold water and patted dry with clean paper towel.  
  • It is always best to enjoy microgreens immediately after harvesting. If it is necessary to store them, ensure that they are harvested when dry. They can be wrapped loosely with paper towel and refrigerated in a plastic bag. Make sure to rinse microgreens and ensure they have not spoiled before eating.  

*Please note: microgreen seeds are provided for educational purposes.  Germination and yield are dependent on many factors, and are not guaranteed.  As with any food grown in the classroom or home environment, there are potential food safety risks.  To help minimize these risks, please ensure that you have followed all instructions for growing and harvesting microgreens and that the microgreens are not contaminated, moldy or otherwise spoiled prior to any consumption. 

*Food safety notes and recommendations above are also listed in the teacher and parent documents.


Download all the files here (interactive) or (print)



Download all the files here (interactive) or (print)



Lesson documents may have already been provided to you. Please complete activities as instructed by your teacher or guardian.
All documents can be found below if needed.
Download all the files here (interactive) or (print)


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