Virtual Seed Survivor Presentation

This interactive learning experience encourages children in GRADES 3-4 to master the elements that plants need to grow.

Please begin by selecting the materials that align with the seeds you are receiving in your Classroom Kit.


Seed Survivor is a free, curriculum-based, agricultural program for elementary students with a focus on Grades 3 and 4. Last year we planted approx. 100,000 sunflower seeds with students across Canada and the United States.

After participating in the Seed Survivor Program, students leave with an understanding that plants need water, light, healthy soil and nutrients to survive. They also learn about where their food comes from and the importance of agriculture to their daily lives. All participants get to plant a sunflower seed to take home and grow!

Thank you for your interest! Due to very high demand, registration is now closed for 2023.


Flexible lesson plans and student activities included online for the Virtual Learning Experience.
*print or online options available for all activities.


  • Seed Survivor cups and lids for up to 30 students
  • Seeds (available options may vary by tour area or season)
  • Teacher poster thank you gift
  • Printed media card to help with accessing the materials online

Please note: Teachers will be responsible for providing soil for the planting activity. Soil recommendations are included in the Lesson Plan.

Please note: Due to the high demand for Seed Survivor we will be unable to meet all requests.




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