Top 5 Facts

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1. Plant Food

Like people, plants require food. Plant food comes from nutrients within the soil that allow a plant to grow. These nutrients can come from both organic and fertilizer sources.

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2. From Nature

Fertilizers come from nature (N=air, P=ancient sea life, K=evaporated oceans) they are simply packaged and applied when and where they are needed, in the proper balance based on science (Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place).

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3. Producing More Food

Food produced with organic or fertilizer nutrients have the same health and nutritional benefits. However, fertilizer can produce as much as 50% more food on the same land area – helping to feeding billions of more people.

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4. World’s Food Supply

Modern use of fertilizers is responsible for 40-60% of the world’s food supply.

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5. Replacing Nutrients

Farmers do not add fertilizers to the ground. They replace the nutrients crops consumed from the soil as they grew.