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Nutrients for Life game
Students learn the importance of balancing crop inputs by applying the exact amount of nutrients and water that a crop needs to grow. Players move blocks that represent the essential nutrients N (Nitrogen), P (Phosphorus), K (Potassium) and water onto the field. But keep an eye on the dial at the bottom of the screen! The goal of the game is to keep the needle in the green/middle – don’t apply too much or too little or it will lower your score! 
Become a sustainable farmer to help feed the world responsibly.
Learn more about the Nutrients for Life Organization!


In this card game you will be given 25 career choice options. Choose six that interest you or go random. Score points by correctly matching two cards of the same career. Play alone or with a friend to learn more about some of the careers in agriculture!
What do you want to be when you grow up? Learn about careers (jobs) in agriculture.


In this puzzle game, students must unscramble the images to continue on to the next level. The 7 images will teach students the production stages of wheat, and its journey from the farm to their fork at home. The score goes down as time goes up, so unscramble each picture as fast as you can! Click two pictures to swap them, and remember to click the “help” button if you want to refresh your memory on what the finished puzzle should look like.
Learn how food moves from the farm to your plate.


Survivor Soak
(Grade 4) – Plants need water to survive but too much will drown them – too little will kill them. Students can play this Survival Soak game to learn about the balance of water needed by plants. In this game they become part of the water cycle – using clouds to water their plants and waiting for them to reform through evaporation.
Find the right water balance for corn plants. If you do well, you will get more plants that need attention.


Students play this game to reinforce where their food comes from. Select the raw food source on the left, and then select the correct end product on the right. The concept is simple but the pictures pop up fast, so be ready to put your food knowledge to the test!
Where does your food come from?


Slide your tree back and forth, catching CO2, nutrients and water. The more you catch, the more oxygen your tree produces. Play this game to learn about the cycle of photosynthesis and how plants take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Avoid anything that is red – that’s plant disease and pollution! These elements will impact the plants health and ability to produce oxygen.
Help the tree capture the elements it needs to make its food through photosynthesis.


A-Maze-ing Underground
(Grade 3, 4) – The soil is alive with so many things that affect the health and strength of plants. Students play this Pac Man® like game to create the perfect balance of nutrients for a corn crop. While underground, they take pictures of the things you they see for bonus points. Children can look at these photos and related information when the game is ends. Photo sheets are printable for scrapbooks, journals or in-class exercises.
Play this Pac Man™ like game to create the perfect balance of nutrients for a crop of corn. While you are down there, take lots of pictures to review later!


SoilTris Game
(Grade 4) – Drag and drop blocks to create the ideal soil profile which is illustrated on the left hand side. Students will learn that soil contains different elements and requires a balance of these elements to generate the best results.
Build a soil profile with sand, silt and clay blocks like you are playing Tetris®. Remember not to pack the particles too tightly though – soil must be loosely packed for the best results.


Survive with Light
(Grade 6) – This online quiz takes students through 10 questions. It causes them to think about photosynthesis and apply their knowledge to various situations. Sound is a recommended to reinforce the correct answer.
How well do you know the photosynthesis process? Find out by taking this fun sun quiz.


photosynthesis animation
(Grade 6) – Most living things depend on energy produced from photosynthesis to survive. Students will learn the terminology in the photosynthesis process using this audio-visual tool.
Need a refresher on photosynthesis before taking the ‘Survive with Light’ quiz? If so, take a few minutes to watch this animation.


(Grade 2-6) – In this search and find game students will have to find different plants, animals and insects in a limited amount of time. Drag items into the binoculars to learn something about the item found.
How quick can you find the plants, animals and insects in a watershed? Learn fun facts about each item you capture.


(Grade 6, 7) – Students choose 1 water sample to analyze, and touch each clue to find out what is happening in the sample. Then it’s time to test their detective skills by selecting the appropriate causes and solutions for these real life watershed issues.
Investigate water samples to find the causes and solutions for challenges in a watershed.