The A-Maze-ing Underground Game

The A-Maze-ing Underground Game (Grade 3, 4) – The soil is alive with so many things that affect the health and strength of plants. Students play this Pac Man® like game to create the perfect balance of nutrients for a corn crop. While underground, they take pictures of the things you they see for bonus points. Children can look at these photos and related information when the game is ends. Photo sheets are printable for scrapbooks, journals or in-class exercises.

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Survival Soak Game

Survival Soak Game (Grade 4) – Plants need water to survive but too much will drown them – too little will kill them. Children can play this Survival Soak game to learn about the balance of water needed by plants. In this game they become part of the water cycle – using clouds to water their plants and waiting for them to reform through evaporation.

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Photosynthesis Fun Animation

Photosynthesis Fun Animation (Grade 6) – Most living things depend on energy produced from photosynthesis to survive. Students will learn the terminology in the photosynthesis process using this audio-visual tool.

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Survive with Light Quiz

Survive with Light Quiz (Grade 6) – This online quiz takes students through 10 questions. It causes them to think about photosynthesis and apply their knowledge to various situations. Sound is a recommended to reinforce the correct answer.

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Photosynthesis Worksheet

Photosynthesis Worksheet (Grade 6) – This worksheet has a diagram of the photosynthesis process as well as fill in the blank sentence exercises. Teachers are permitted to make copies.

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