Hands-on Learning for your Class

Agrium supports several programs your class or school can get involved with including:

Calgary Zoo’s Schoolyard Naturalization Program – transform your schoolyard into nature’s classroom.

Caring for our Watersheds – challenges students to answer the question: “What can you do to improve your local watershed?” Students can win rewards for themselves and their school. For details on program locations, rules and awards please visit the online website.

Seed Survivor Display – if you live in an area with an Agrium facility or office, this portable interactive display may be sent to a location near you.

4H Leadership Programs – Agrium is a sponsor of local 4H programs and encourages children to get involved to develop knowledge and leadership skills.

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day – The mission of the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days™ is simple – to make farm and ranch life safer and healthier for all children through education and training. These programs frequently visit schools or invite schools to a central location for programming.

In the past two years Agrium increased its contribution level and expanded the number of farm safety day camps provided in North America. The camps now reach more than 70,000 people each year.