Due to the success of Seed Survivor and the demand for games and activities for the classroom, we hope this website becomes a resource for teachers.


Most of the material we provide is based on Canadian curriculum in grades 2 – 7. Although the focus has been mostly on elementary students, Agrium has supported and contributed to the development of classroom activities at a high school level through The Fertilizer Institute’s (TFI’s) education-based site www.nutrientsforlife.org.

We believe it is in the long-term interest of our industry to contribute to knowledge that will protect and preserve fertile soil. And that children look at agriculture as an important and dynamic industry that needs them in the future. It is only by teaching youth that we will ensure the world has enough healthy food to feed its burgeoning population.

Your feedback is important to us. Please send us comments on what you think of the information we are providing as well as suggestions for the future.