Agrium creates and sells nutrients that farmers and gardeners need to care for their soil and grow healthy plants. They also provide other helpful products to farmers and give advice on how to grow the best crop on the land they manage.

Agrium is involved with nutrients from the very beginning. In some cases they mine the raw material, like potash. They also manufacture, distribute and sell their products all over the world. Although they are involved in creating many types of nutrients, they really focuses on 3 that all plants need:


Nitrogen (N)

Phosphate (P)

Potash (K)

Nitrogen Phosphate Potash

These are considered the primary nutrients and are commonly referred to as N, P and K.

Why do we need plant nutrients?

As our world population keeps growing there is more pressure on farmers to grow healthy food to feed us all. Nutrients ensure that the soil can continue to support increased food growth. They prevent the soil from becoming tired.

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