Video 1 – The Dirt on Soil

Kacey is studying the business of agriculture. She’ll tell you why soil is important to her and why it should be super important to you.

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Video 2 – The Soil Beneath Your Feet

Ryan is a rancher like his Dad. He talks about why soil is important to him, where it came from, and why it’s different from place to place.

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Video 3 – Back to Basics

A soil scientist figures out whether a piece of land is better for a garden or a swimming pool? For that she needs a kitchen?

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Video 4 – Banking on Soil

A land developer recovers from an unexpectedly long hike. He talks about the importance of choosing land for development wisely and shows viewers how soil is like a bank.

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You can also watch videos posted on the Nutrients for Life website, belonging to the U.S. fertilizer industry.

If you want learn even more about soil and our industry watch videos in our advanced video collection.

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