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Seed Survivor is a free curriculum-based program that teaches elementary children about plants and the importance of agriculture. Multiple displays travel across North America year-round.

Last year we planted over 100,000 sunflower seeds with students and visited 16 states and provinces (GA, CO, AB, ND, IN, WA, ID, KY, SK, TX, OH, IA, MN, KS, VA, NC).

We now have 5 Seed Survivor displays: One large exhibit, two mobile classrooms and two community displays. At our displays, students explore multi-media and virtual reality games, a sunflower seed planting station, talking walls and much more. The content is perfect for grade 3 and 4 but all ages can have fun at Seed Survivor.

Seed Survivor was designed to teach youth that plants need water, light, healthy soil, and nutrients to survive.

For more information or to request Seed Survivor contact Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations at Sustainability@nutrien.com or 1-403-225-7000

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Mobile Classroom Application:

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September – October 2017 – Saskatchewan tour
November 2017 – January 2018 – Florida tour
February – June 2018 (SSM2) – Tennessee tour
February – May 2018 (SSM3) – Arkansas tour
June 2018 – Calgary, Alberta tour

Please note our tours in Colorado and California have wrapped up. We hope to return in a few years.

Only successful applicants will be contacted. If you experience difficulties with the online application please contact Sustainability@nutrien.com.
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Exhibition and Fair Application:

Fairs Apply ButtonAfter reviewing the basic requirements, please complete and return this form by January 1st of each year. The tour schedule is set in February of each year.

Only successful applicants will be contacted.

For more information or to request Seed Survivor contact Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations at Sustainability@nutrien.com or 1-403-225-7000

Western Development Museum (Saskatoon) Field Trip

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Grades 3 – 6 schools are invited to the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon for a FREE half-day field trip that explores AGRICULTURE!
Students are guided through a curriculum-based program that includes a hands-on lesson on growing healthy plants, interactive computer games, sunflower seed planting station, scavenger hunt and much more!

Learn more here

Questions? Sustainability@nutrien.com 

This field trip is brought to Saskatoon schools by Nutrien, Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan and the Western Development Museum

Questions? contact us